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  1. Vogrel
    Vogrel1 year ago

    And to you that try not to be disobedient but failed.

  2. Zolorr1 year ago

    How many times have I said it, no good deed goes unpunished. But it's not a good deed to ignore Demo-leftist perfidy. Seize the bull by the horns, prosecute some of the more notorious and annoying among them, I bet that would improve Demo-leftist civility like nothing else would.

  3. Samuzil1 year ago

    In Indonesia 3 of us Aussies (1 bloke, 2 girls were on a boat with about 15 locals. I asked if there was a loo and one guy said in broken English yes the river like this and he mimed aiming his didger overboard into the river. Even the bloke with us wasn't happy!

  4. Shagar1 year ago

    Good Gag talk

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