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  1. Sabar2 years ago

    Stoopit rain. Postponed kayaking trip last weekend to stay home and refinish stairs. Trying to revise zoo trip from Tulsa to Memphis due to washout this weekend. Why even try to plan anything this year?

  2. Dolmaran2 years ago

    My Wifey and I met Sara Jay a few years ago, at Adultcon. She was fucking hot. I wished to fuck her right there, but my Wifey wished to eat her out. Unluckily, that is barred there.

  3. Faebar2 years ago

    Good man, but still no match for George.

  4. Faur
    Faur2 years ago

    It depends, if she is skinny with a promising lil booty, we would smash, but if she is just skinny with no booty and no tits then it's a No.

  5. Samuzil
    Samuzil2 years ago

    yeah because mia khalifa is the very first one ever to wear a hijab

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